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Supplier of line caught MSC-certified Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea in Norway

Sustainable Fishing

Carisma believes that the best seafood in the world comes from Norway. The company is proud of its heritage and it is passionate about its line-caught sustainable fishing methods.


Longline fishing is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable catching method which also results in superior quality fish products. It is widely considered to be the most ethical means of sourcing fish as it has minimal environmental impact.  


Carisma’s vessel – the Carisma Viking – catch most of its fish in the Barents Sea, which is home to the world’s largest MSC-certified supply of Cod and Haddock. The Barents Sea yearly quota of 750,000  tonnes for these species is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable fishing areas on the planet.


The Barents Sea is also rigorously policed by the authorities so that its valuable fish stocks are preserved.