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Supplier of line caught MSC-certified Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea in Norway

Carisma UK

Carisma UK is the sales company responsible for marketing and distributing the frozen-at-sea products from its Norwegian parent company. Carisma UK is already a major supplier to leading restaurants in London and its line-caught fish is being used by ‘celebrity chefs’ and the popular cooking show, Masterchef.


The UK sales arm of Carisma was established in 2010 in response to increasing demand for line-caught, high-quality Cod and Haddock. Media campaigns have created concerns surrounding Cod and Haddock catches in the North Sea, with ‘celebrity’ chefs encouraging consumers to opt for different species of fish. Carisma is very keen to drive home the message that the crystal-clear waters of the Barents Sea off northern Norway and Russia is full of sustainable Cod and Haddock stocks that are arguably the best managed in the world and can make up for any shortfall that the politicians of the EU and conservationists have caused.


In order to create a trusted supply chain from its vessels to the restaurants in the UK, Carisma needed to develop a gateway to the UK and where better than Grimsby, Europe’s celebrated food town and home to some of the largest and best BRC-approved cold storage facilities on the continent. Carisma UK is perfectly positioned to connect to all the major motorways in the UK, it also has strong links to the major ports of Immingham and Grimsby where the majority of the Norwegian frozen fish is landed.


In order to demonstrate its belief in the quality of the line-caught fish it supplies, Carisma UK recently launched a seafood restaurant of its own on the beachfront at Cleethorpes, the coastal seaside resort next door to its base in Grimsby.  The Captain’s Table was opened in February 2010 as one of only a handful of restaurants in the UK to actively promote Norwegian, MSC-certified, line-caught fish on its menu.

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    John Hancock
    Managing Director Carisma (UK) Ltd
    John has over 30 years of seagoing experience and pioneered longlining in the UK when he built the first ever British owned Automatic Longliner at Macduff Shipyards. John’s experience in longlining helped him gain the UK title of ‘Young Fisherman of the Year’ during this period. John’s knowledge of longlining gives Carisma a strategic market edge when discussing the benefits of this type of fishing when talking to potential customers in the UK. John has been selling fish and managing vessels for the last 10 years where he has built up a large customer base of quality contacts. Running alongside this he has also 12 years’ experience in the catering trade running successful fish restaurants so has a unique overview of the fishing industry.
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    Ken Wood
    Business Development Manager Carisma (UK) Ltd
    With 50 years in the processing and marketing sectors, it is very easy to see why Ken is regarded as “Uncle Ken” the world over.

    Starting his working life as an office junior in the early 60s, the following years have been a steady promotion throughout the processing sector, culminating in contracting vessels and overall control of major factory operations.

    Ken then turned to marketing and has been a Key Account Manager for all the major retail outlets and was the early pioneer of flown in fish from Iceland. During this time Ken was a major buyer on all the UK and European fish markets and was the largest buyer of Norwegian fish in the UK.

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