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Supplier of line caught MSC-certified Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea in Norway

Carisma Fish

Carisma Fish AS is a partnership between founder Matias Aarvik, his son Arild together with Ole-Jonny and his brother Cato Bellen.


Matias Aarvik was born into the fishing industry and was encouraged at a young age to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a fisherman. His first job at the age of 14 was on board Norway’s very first trawler with a plant onboard and at that time, vessels were away at sea for up to four months at a time – the crew had no way of making contact with their families.


In 1970, having been a successful fisherman for many years, Matias formed a partnership with two of his brothers and they invested in a vessel of their own –a longliner which they named Vestfisk. Eight years later the brothers built a second boat – this time an automated longliner, named Vestkapp.


The business ran successfully and they sold Vestkapp in 2001 to Arild and his company. This one later burnt down in 2002.


In 2001 Matias and Arild joined forces with Ole-Jonny and Cato Bellen to launch Carisma Fish AS. Their fleet was expanded in 2008/09, when the four men invested in the two longliners, Carisma Star and Carisma Viking. In 2013 the Carisma Star was sold and the quotas were transferred to the Carisma Viking. 

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    Arild Aarvik
    Managing Director
    Arild is managing director of Carisma Fish, and has been a fisherman since the age of 17, beginning his career onboard his father’s longliner (Vestfisk). He is a trained skipper/shipmaster and spent many seasons working as a skipper in the Barents Sea, before starting his own business with his father as partner. Arild has been a board member of the Sogn and Fjordane Fishing Boat Owners’ Association since 1999, and chairman of the organisation since 2008. He also sat on the board of the National Association of Fishing Boat Owners and is engaged in the political side of the fishing industry, working with a number of different organisations.
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    Ole-Jonny Bellen
    Technical Manager / Captain
    Ole-Jonny has been in the Fishing Industry for many years. At the age of 18, in 1986, he worked on an Autoline boat from Vanylven. In 1988 he graduated captain, and in 1989 he continued his carreer as a fisherman on board a boat from Måløy. In 1992 Ole-Jonny bought his first lineboat, Vestliner, together with his brother, Cato Bellen. Matias and Arild Aarvik bought Vestliner from the brothers in 1996, and this boat was renamed Sjøliner. In 1997 Ole-Jonny invested in a new lineboat, Kvitnes, together with his brother, followed by two other vessels: Askla and Suderøy. They signed a new partnership for Matias and Arild. Ole-Jonny is today Technical Manager at Carisma Fish, and Captain on Carisma Viking together with his brother, Cato.
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    Bent Gangsø
    Financial Manager
  • Elisabeth.jpg
    Elisabeth Kvalheim
    Financial Consultant
  • Ragnhild.jpg
    Ragnhild H. Sætremyr
    Financial Consultant